Flowing into the Divine Current Parts One and Two – 1978

Flowing into the divine current – using positive thoughts and actions you can create success

Part One

• Mix with the type of people you would like to emulate.

• When you meditate, draw on God with sincerity and one pointedness.

• When everyone working with you are in harmony creating positive energy, it’s easy to flow with the divine current.

• Live for God and develop inner strength.

• It takes a great deal of courage to stick to what you feel inwardly is right, especially if people whom you respect are thinking a different way.

Part Two

Happiness comes by living for God.

Offer yourself to God at all times. The magnetic flow toward God will become so natural that you will find yourself becoming closer to God very easily.

You will gain more magnetism by association with other people who have greater magnetism than you.

The reason our energy does not flow in only one direction toward spirit is because of many different worldly desires from countless incarnations. Karma represents the storehouse of accumulated energy.

Swami Kriyananda tells a story about being with people. Yogananda told Swami to greet people after church. Swami found this very draining on his energy. Yogananda told him, “think of God and you will allow His power to flow through you.” Swami said thereafter, the more people drew on him, the more he felt God’s strength replenishing him.

The reason we suffer is because we have lost something that we are attached to.

Yogananda said that lecturing is not just giving people ideas, it’s giving them vibrations. He said to feel the divine flow coming through you, then project it to others. When you talk to people, feel that you are blessing them, not merely putting out words and ideas.