Kriyananda gave extensive classes on the principle of how to raise your conscious and energy, which he called superconscious living. He toured the United States and Europe in the late 70’s and early 80’s with this topic.

He explains how the focused energy, calmness and peace from meditation and direct communion with God can eventually flow through daily life and all situations.

Many of the classes classes contain many guided visualizations and even physical exercises to develop higher consciousness and some of the classes are just a full lecture on this theme.

He speaks of meditation as the key to attaining success in any outward endeavors. The focused energy must come from within yourself. Feeling peach and calmness and boundless energy in daily life depend greatly on focused meditation.

Quote from a Superconscious Living class:
“Superconsciousness is dynamic. And when you come out of being in superconsciousness, in a deep meditation you feel yourself changed. You feel yourself just overflowing with joy, overflowing with power, with energy. You find that only from that level, is it really possible to make changes in your personality, changes in your destiny and so on. ”

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