Secret Teachings of the Bible Parts One & Two – Circa 1980

Secret Teachings of the Bible Parts One & Two – ancient yoga teachings are found in the Bible

For example: ‘The three wise men followed the star in the east.’ Metaphysically speaking, “east” is the spiritual eye.

“Elijah was drawn up in a whirlwind.” The “whirlwind” is the kundalini power that uplifts us toward greater spiritual awareness.

The Bible also gives this description of the chakras in Revelations:  ‘and I turned to see the voice that spake within me and being turned, I saw seven golden candle sticks……and his head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow.’ This passage refers to the thousand petaled lotus with rays of light going in all directions.

This talk can you help go beyond intellectual understanding toward a direct experience of God’s presence.