Our Soul’s Evolution – 08/1992

In Our Soul’s Evolution Kriyananda explains that each soul has many desires and patterns of energy in the spine.  These need to be worked out in a lifetime. First a soul develops a desire to know God and become liberated. When this desire is deeply implanted in the soul it, will ultimately be fulfilled.

We can live in the expanded consciousness that the soul is eternal. When we know that we have God now, it can make the spiritual journey much easier.

Kriyananda discusses how to tune into the consciousness and freedom of the guru. We can even make the guru’s thoughts our own. Talk to God and make it a living dialogue.

Kriyananda gives a beautiful explanation of the Festival of Light. He had recently written the Festival of Light when this talk was given.

When Jesus appeared to Babaji, it was the time in the evolution of mankind for East and West to come together.