Yoga Postures as an Aid for Spiritual Growth – 1/11/1983

Yoga Postures as an Aid for Spiritual Growth – yoga practice can deepen meditation and make you more centered.

This talk offers good advice about daily life on the spiritual path.

Learn to control the mind and become more aware.

We are here to find out who and what we are.  Hatha yoga can be an aid to spiritual development. It can  help us go about daily life in a more harmonious and centered way and help keep the body healthy.

When you practice hatha yoga you become aware of your body as a body of light. You strengthen the light with your practice.

Yoga postures manifest an upward flow of energy in the body.

The attitudes of the mind can be expressed in the posture of the body, as a physical manifestation of the subtle energies in the body.

It is best to sit for meditation with a straight spine.