Yoga and Christianity – 2/16/1985

Yoga and Christianity compares the spiritual teachings of the East and the West, and explores the great truths that lie at the heart of both of them.

Christians have seen many changes in their religion and in the world. This world is not the center of everything.

It is a strange idea that to be spiritual you must be sad.

Jesus said, ‘I am the way of the truth and the light.’ He also spoke about two eyes. That is because  he had totally identified himself with the Father.

In the Hindu tradition there is the thought that I am identified with the body. But when they become realized they say ‘I am not this body, I am eternal.’ Saints even refer to it as “this body” without using the word I.

There is compatibility between what the saints say and what the theologians say..

Both Christian and Hindu teachings have deep truths.

Dogma and biggotry are signs of doubt.

The Bible and Indian scriptures talk about the Light of God and refer to it in the forehead. This is the spiritual eye.