Techniques of Joyful Living Part Two December 2013

Techniques of Joyful Living Part Two is from a workshop given in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was part of a 1978 Joy Tour to many cities. This Saturday workshop starts with Swami Kriyananda explaining how important chanting is and he sings two chants.

In the workshop he discusses the phenomena of trying to do something with half our mind while the other half is trying to resist doing it. He explains how to avoid this ‘no saying principle’ and say yes to life!

He talks at length about the importance of eating the right foods. He explains that when we we eat, we are actually taking in the vibrations of the food and it is infused also with the vibrations of the person who prepared it.

Kriyananda also makes a strong point about the power of concentration. He says that, “if we could learn to concentrate the power in our mind and direct it one pointedly, we would see that we would accomplish anything that we want to do.”