Superconscious Living Friday Part Two – 7/13/79

Superconscious Living – is being centered in yourself, positive and energetic.

Superconsciousness requires that we become self-aware and feel a sense of responsibility to live in higher consciousness.

Stop thinking in terms of what the world is doing to you, and start thinking of what you can do about it. You can’t help the rain, but you can use an umbrella.

Practice Energization Excercises. Find ways to raise your energy throughout the day by being more aware where your energy is at any given moment, up, down, in the middle?

Suffering? Suffering is caused by false expectations. Learn to accept things as they are.

If someone is angry, it need not become your problem. Raise your energy so that you are peaceful no matter what kind of energy is coming at you.

This class is the 3rd in a series of classes during a weekend workshop.