Spiritual Communities: Living for a Higher Purpose – 8/26/85

In Spiritual Communities: Living for a Higher Purpose, Kriyananda describes his dream for Ananda and the importance of living for a higher and broader purpose.

Most of the talk is dedicated to helping the individual to transform lower qualities into higher ones.

Living on a superconscious level when relating to others is an important aspect of community life. He explains that by karma yoga – actively serving others, subconscious thought patterns and behaviors are transformed.  Qualities such as generosity, kindness and compassion are developed.

Communities with a group of people who can create a vortex of positive energy is what is needed today in order to bring civilization into a new higher octave, a new and higher way of expressing spiritual values in daily life.

There is that karmic necessity that God has placed upon each one of us living in this world. The natural and obvious solution for a better world is communities.