Houston Concert and Lecture 3/15/78

Houston Concert and Lecture 1978

“What we are really looking for is not outside ourselves, perfection and joy are inside.” — Swami Kriyananda

Houston Concert and Lecture 1978 is a special Treasures offering – a collector’s item. This concert and lecture was given in Houston during the 1978 “Joy Tour” across the United States featuring music by the Ananda singing group, the Gandharvas and solos by Swami Kriyananda.  He introduces the musical selections, giving the meaning behind the compositions and he also gives a profound talk at the end of the concert on finding true happiness within.

Selections by the Gandharvas include Come Gather Round, Well Done Lord, What is Love. Solo songs by Kriyananda include Brothers, Secret of Laughter, Nightingale, Go on Alone, Jim Brown, Non-Blues, Golkula Chandra, Will That Day Come to Me Mother, and Through Many Lives.

Kriyananda explains in his talk that the most important thing for the soul is to have the desire to know God. He also talks about seeking true joy within ourselves instead of seeking outward fulfillment. When we have inner joy we will also enjoy the world.