Rajarshi Janakananda- 5/6/1974

Rajarshi Janakananda was the foremost disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Rajarshi was a self-made millionaire who became a saint by daily meditation and deep devotion. He carried out his worldly affairs with the thought of God.

There is no excuse for not doing a good job of whatever it is we set ourselves out to do.

Rajarsi saw all things as a part of God.  He put God first. He was a saint first and a businessman second.

He thought primarily of when he would find the time for God. Time to carry on his business was secondary. He meditated long hours each morning.  Once he was asked, ‘How can you afford to meditate most of the morning and get to work late each day?’ He replied, ‘I can’t afford not to meditate long hours.’

Rajarshi understood that everywhere you go, and at all times you can carry on the Divine Romance.

He never thought of himself as having anything to offer. He never thought of himself as having anything to do. It was always God and Guru doing it through him.

Whatever Master wanted, that’s what he wanted. There was never any question in his mind.

When Yogananda would say, ‘Remember where your power comes from,’ Rajarshi would reply in a childlike and humble way, ‘I know, it comes from you.’

A two-fold lesson from Rajarshi: 1) be completely in tune with the Guru and 2) try to keep that attunement while being active in the world with the thought that God.