Life with Master Parts One and Two – 3/1/79

Life with Master Parts One and Two “You saw such kindness in Yogananda’s eyes, you knew he was on your side. No matter what he said, you felt this constant love and constant friendship.”

These two short talks by Swami Kriyananda were given at the Meditation Retreat at Ananda Village in March 1979.

Part One begins with the impressive and unusual circumstances that lead Swami to find Autobiography of a Yogi in a New York bookstore, take a bus to Los Angeles and become Yogananda’s disciple. He tells many stories of how it was to be with Yogananda before his passing in 1952.

Part Two was given outdoors with a symphony of crickets in the background. Swami talks about how Yogananda taught important lessons to those who were with him and gave them encouragement such as ‘Have no fear even though I’m gone. You’ll never be alone. I will guide you through Divine Mother.’