How to be a Channel of Light in Challenging Times 1/17/84

How to be a Channel of Light in Challenging Times

We can and must be channels of light in challenging times.  Although given 27 years ago, this talk is just as relevant today as it was then. Swami Kriyananda expresses the importance especially now when this world is on the cusp of a great change.  He tells us this is actually one of the most wonderful times in history to be alive! There is great opportunity for spiritual growth.  We can tune into the Divine Light that is awakening on our planet right now.  Swami Kriyananda points out that one doesn’t have to be spiritually advanced to be an instrument for light. We can channel light multiple ways.  Examples are through our actions, through our eyes, and through the tone of our voice. The only real requirement for being a channel of light is sincerity. The more we channel that light, the more the qualities of light will manifest and strengthen in us and the world.