Pathways to Superconsciousness – Money – Circa 1980

Money – to be successful, it isn’t a question of whether or not you’ll make money, it’s a question of how you make it and how you use it.

When you put out the energy with willingness, you will find that you get more energy.

Do things creatively and with dedication. Your strength, intelligence and concentration will improve with practice.

Establish a flow of energy. If the flow of energy becomes blocked, the supply will dry up. Jesus spoke of talents. When you bury your talent instead of investing it, the energy becomes blocked. Offer your talents in service to others and to God. This is for your own fulfillment. Don’t think you are depriving yourself, you are fulfilling yourself.

If you do things with God, God will do things with you.

The more you have the consciousness of energy in your life, the more you will find your life overflowing with abundance.

If you regretfully do your duty and think that your real life is in your spiritual reading, meditation or creative work, you are missing a golden opportunity to train yourself to do whatever you need to do with and for the joy of God.

God is in money, in business, and in banks, just as much as in the mountains and clouds. He is everywhere. If you look deeply enough you will find Him.

Note: This is an unedited audio file of 5 different 10 or so minute radio shows on money, that Kriyananda produced around the time of the Superconscious Living series, in the late 70’s & early 80’s. This particular file has about 12 seconds of silence before he starts talking.