Sunday Service May 20, 1979 & Techniques for Health and Happiness – 1/22/83

In the first talk for May, Sunday Service 5/20/79, Kriyananda remarks “I was very touched yesterday by all your loving gifts and warm wishes and so on (on his birthday the previous day), but I think what made that day sweet, was the understanding that what we are really loving is God. We’re not just singling out one person. What we love here at Ananda is truth, what we love is principle.” He said that Yogananda de-emphasized  his personality and emphasized the truth that he represented. He also talks about how temporal the world is and the happiness, truth and joy we seek is only found within. He also spoke about God remembrance in everyday life.

The second talk this month was for the National Health Federation conference January 22, 1983 – techniques for health and happiness.

Sometimes the state achieved in yoga relaxation can be thought of as ‘limpness,’ but it is a dynamic kind of relaxation. Yoga relaxation creates an ‘openness’ so you can rid the body and mind of tensions and obstacles.

Note:  Treasures offered another talk also called “Health & Happiness” in September 2011 given on April 1, 1982. These two talks are different.