Superconscious Living Workshop – 5/31/79, 6/1/79, 6/2/79

Superconscious Living – in challenging times the more we can focus on superconscious living and be examples of it, the better.

Swami Kriyananda did the first Joy Tours in 1978. In the spring of 1979 he launched the Superconscious Living classes. This workshop is one of the first he gave.

He discusses the many ways we can rise from the subconscious, to the conscious mind and superconsciousness. He points out the qualities of each of these states of consciousness and how we can become more aware of just where we are in the progression to higher consciousness.

“Our culture today almost conspires to make us subconscious.” The conscious mind is easily influenced and pulled down to the subconscious state.

When you are in the superconscious mind you are very awake. You are aware of everything that is going on. You can see the possibilities in every situation. In addition to this awareness, you can feel a flow in life that makes everything begin to happen in the right way.

There are 5 MP files in this series including a lot of music!