Kriyananda Solo Concert – 7/14/85

Kriyananda Solo Concert July 14, 1985 – is a collector’s item

It’s the best recording of a live concert we have of Swami Kriyananda to date. The concert took place in Palo Alto, CA.

His voice was at its peak and the recording is excellent. It’s a solo concert including 28 of his songs. See them listed below. He gives several commentaries about the music.

Swami Kriyananda changed words and music to some songs over the years, so what you hear on this 1985 recording, may not be reflective of how the selections are sung now.


Go on Alone (formerly titled Walk Like a Man)

Well Done

Make Us Channels of Thy Peace (formerly titled Lord Most High)

Philosopher & the Boatman

When You Come from Napoli

Non Blues

Guide Me Lord

Big Frog Little Frog

Boys Go To & Fro

Life is Beautiful

Song of the Nightingale

Springtime in Rumania

Have You Seen Sorrento?

Sail with me to Capri

Oh Mistress Mine

Fairies Lullaby

Life Flows on like a River


God’s Call Within

Krishna’s Flute