Music, Creativity & the Superconscious Experience – 6/19/1996

Kriyananda begins this talk by saying “The subject of creativity is much larger than music.  I want this talk to embrace creativity in general, because you can be creative not only in the arts but also in your cooking and in the way you talk with people.”

There are many stories about Kriyananda’s creative process with musical composition as well as examples of how to access the superconscious mind.

He explains that you can be creative by drawing on God’s power and consciousness within you. When you want to be creative, one of the most important things is to convince yourself that you are a child of God, a child of the light and that you can do whatever you set out to do!

When you tune into the superconscious it will bring guidance into your life, such as the thought “I can.” Be solution oriented. You can’t be intuitive if your mind is passive, there has to be willpower in it.

In the audio recording of this talk, Kriyananda says the title of the talk is Music, Creativity and the Mystical Experience. We’ve retitled it becasue he speaks extensively about the role superconsciousness plays in creativity.