Humility – 11/1/04

Humility – when you act, give the fruits of your action to Him.

When you act with humility, you will become more and more freed of ego and ready to merge into Him.

Humility does not mean to put yourself down – put Him up and see God in everything.

It is important to stop negative thoughts as soon as they start.

Delusion has its own power. If you go the way of a delusion, it can grow to the point where finally it can even separate you from your spiritual efforts.

Spiritual laziness lies in the fact that we have all evolved from states of relative unconsciousness.

Indian scriptures say that God sleeps in the minerals, dreams in the plants, and begins to stir in the animals.

We must see that God is the Doer

Our ego and the thought “It’s mine” are what bind us to this world.

When we bring God into everything we do and do it with God and not our own ego, and understand that nothing and no one belongs to us – we are free.

A Way of Awakening Aasta TV series from India – 365 twenty minute talk series

Kriyananda reads a passage from his book Conversations with Yogananda, and gives commentary.

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