How to Rule the Kingdom of the Mind Parts One & Two – 7/5/83

Learning how to rule the kingdom of the mind is a lifelong study in discrimination and concentration.

Kriyananda speaks of the characters in the Bhagavad Gita. Each one represents inner qualities of our mind that are often conflicted.

Become victorious over the ideas that we are limited to this body and this physical plane.

When you come to the point of understanding that you are not comprised of personality traits, then you will be able to help redirect your character toward that which you want.  Each  one of us has personality-traits that we don’t like, and it will certainly be far more difficult to change them if you feel attached.

Yogananda said that coming into a new incarnation felt like putting on a hot, thick overcoat on a hot day.  “It’s uncomfortable but you get used to it,” he said.

When trying to overcome personality traits, remember that it is a delusion that these traits are you.  You can express these qualities, they can flow through you but they aren’t you.