Guru Discipleship – 10/29/82

Guru Discipleship explains how to tune in to the guru’s guidance.

When asking for guidance it’s good to pose the question, then relax and offer it up without strain. As long as there is strain or tension, there is doubt. Offer yourself up joyfully and expect an answer. This practice will develop inner strength and courage.

Three aspects of a guru:

1.  The guru gives high teachings without personal likes and dislikes.

2.  The guru can transmit the power of the divine that flows from him to you. This inner divine contact can be transferred wherever you are, beyond physical proximity to the guru.

3. The guru’s magnetism is accompanied by omniscience so he is able to help you according to your needs.

This talk is a classic in the Treasures collection. Kriyananda reveals many aspects of his deep relationship with Yogananda in a beautifully transparent way.