Great Blessing of Giving Your Life to God – 11/1/2004

One of the great blessings of giving your life to God is that you can be more free of ego involvement, and eventually be one with God!

Try to get away from the thought “I” am doing this or that, but think of God as the Doer in all things.

You don’t need to go to a Himalayan cave and meditate or remove yourself from society to be a renunciate. You can practice renunciation in any circumstance. It’s not important what you are doing, such as serving a family, but it is important how you are serving and your attitudes. Try to feel God to be your partner in whatever you do. God is the Doer.

This talk is one in a series of 365 programs recorded for Aasta TV in India – A Way of Awakening. The 20 minute talks are based on readings from Kriyananda’s book Conversations with Yogananda. Videos are available on YouTube.