God – The Solution – Mid 1960’s – Radio Broadcast

God – the Solution radio broadcast was recorded in the Bay Area before Kriyananda formed Ananda.

He sings God, God, God and Peace. His discourse is clear and very devotional.

We all want happiness. True happiness can only be found within.

Call on God for help and find your happiness in Him.

Treasures has not previously released recordings from the 1960’s. We hope you are inspired by it.

This recording comes straight to you from the reel-to-reel box. You are hearing the originally recorded radio broadcast, digitized obviously, but without edits. The recording starts in 10 seconds. We usually start our Treasures talks without that delay.  There was a technical error with the planned July 2019 MP3 Treasures offering, so we issued this wonderful ‘treasure’ without edits and will send the regularly scheduled Treasures talk as soon as possible.