Chakras Collection: Yoga as a Way of Life – 1983

Chakras – Kriyananda explains the life of yoga and the human qualities each chakra represents. He suggests ways to use knowledge of the chakras for spiritual growth and addresses other topics related to “Yoga as a Way of Life.”

This talk collection is consecutive talks during the Spiritual Renewal Week Retreat at Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA in 1983.

Editing is needed, but the content is so rich, we felt to offer these talks “as is” for now, until we can find a volunteer to sort out the content of the sound files.

They are a comprehensive study of the chakras with guided visualizations in several classes.

Kriyananda talks about the relationship of the chakras to astrology with their positive and negative poles and how the chakras can be the roadmap to higher consciousness.

Class One
Elements of Yoga & the Chakras: 1st Chakra
Time: 46:53

Class Two
Energy in the Spine Explained: 2nd Chakra
Time 31:49

Class Three
Qualities and Powers of the Chakras: 3rd Chakra
Time 31:52

Class Four
Awakening the Heart: 4th Chakra

Metaphysical explanation of rays going out from each chakra for physical and mental functions.

Purity of heart, kindness, compassion.

How to awaken kundalini – get away from ego involvement

Starts out the same as Class 6, but has different content toward the end. This needs to sorted out.

Time 46:56

Class Five

Onward and Upward: 5th – Chakra

Creativity, God is the Doer
Time 46:59

Class Six

Starts out the same as class 4, but has different content toward the end. This needs to sorted out.