Bringing Christ Into Your Daily Life – 12/24/78

Bringing Christ into your daily life involves embracing the reality that you are already one with God.

Remember God’s presence in everything you do. God is flowing through you, God is the Doer.

On a Christmas Sunday service, Kriyananda reads the Bible, Luke Chapter 1, about the birth of Christ and the inner experience of Christ consciousness.

The chosen ones are not just from a particular country or race, but all who love God. People call out to Him and their need is answered by God sending an Avatar, a Divine incarnation to redeem people and bring them back to divine remembrance again.

The birth of Christ 2,000 years ago was an event in history, but it was an event that has been repeated again and again by God through those who love Him and have been saved in Him. An Avatar is one who has attained liberation and then is able to come back and serve as a divine messenger.