Be Honest with Yourself 12/25/81

“Don’t be afraid of who you are! To accept yourself, is to forget yourself. Be true to yourself, be honest, face yourself. You want to be aware of things you need to work on so you can improve and grow.” — Swami Kriyananda

Be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid to face who you are. Look at yourself with detachment.

Try not to hide your faults by suppressing them.

When facing your challenges, choose the battles you can win first.

Open your heart to God more. When we can dissolve the thought that we are separate from God, our love for God can expand.

It isn’t attachment to want to be one with the guru. Practice japa all the time. Constantly use an inward mantra such as ‘om guru.’

Worldly love reaches out, but divine love is already there within us.

Practice pratyhara – interiorization, going within.