A Message of Unity – Tribute to Yogananda 1/25/97

A Message of Unity – Tribute to Yogananda

“Yogananda came to bring the world the understanding of the unity of mankind, not the unity from an outward standpoint, but the unity from within.” — Swami Kriyananda

Each person has the infinite light within, and lives by that power. We need to recognize that all things come from this power. God is the Doer.

When Yogananda talked with someone, he spoke to their soul and their particular needs. He reflected back to you what your higher self would be thinking.

Yogananda taught that the best way of working with people is to work with them, not against them, to see them as your friend and to think of what’s good for them.

The more we can learn to see life as a flow of unity, the more we will be able to find that which we are all looking for; happiness, love and inner peace.

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