Creativity & Initiative – 8/5/1978

Creativity & Initiative is a means of bringing creative energy up the spine and using it to develop spiritually.

This talk is a thorough and very intriguing discussion of creativity. Kriyananda  begins by explaining the caste system and how that relates to our ability to achieve different levels of consciousness. We progress through those levels of understanding as we evolve spiritually.

He talks about the being “humbly respectful” of what other people have done.  We can learn from what they have done and be open to new energy that can flow through us.

A very helpful way to approach questions regarding creativity is through meditation. Swami suggests, ‘In your meditation calm your mind and listen to the divine within. When you feel that presence, ask “How would you like to express through me?” The divine usually won’t answer you in words, but can come to you with inspiration in an area you have already been working with such as art, music, or business.’

Swami presents three levels of creativity: 1. Take what others have done and improve on it. 2. Try to do a new thing that comes from your center. 3. See what you are creating as an expression of the creative force within. Go to this ‘creative fountain within’ to see if it can be used in different ways and know that God is the Doer.