Kundalini – 1/29/1983

Kundalini – energy in the spine is neutral in itself, and becomes affected by our thoughts.

When we hold negative thoughts, the energy finds a place to live in the spine in the lower chakras. Unless these vorticies of energy are released, the kundalini energy is blocked.

Negative thoughts cause a downward or outward energy movement. Positive thoughts cause an upward energy movement.

If you focus on how to free up your energy, how to find more peace, love and joy, you can live in a higher way.

Kriya yoga, devotion and meditation can be very helpful.

Another important practice is to focus at the point between the eyebrows at all times. Kriyananda said  Yogananda would go around with his concentration at the point between the eyebrows as much as he could, to train his mind to be constantly uplifted. It’s very good to practice this. Gradually it will become a habit and you will find that the energy focused there becomes very powerful.