One of the main secrets of success in any aspect of life is to seek the power of God within yourself. Then offer your life and your service to God.

One of the first points to consider is the need for concentration. Success depends on the amount of energy we bring to bear on what we do. Will power directs that energy.

Here are a few principles of success you will find in the talks.

Enjoy, never bemoan whatever effort a work requires.
Blame no one when things go wrong, but do whatever you can to improve matters.
Be crystal clear as to your purpose and directions and have the courage to act accordingly.
Dare to step outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom.
Be solution-oriented, not problem oriented, and have faith that for every problem, a inherent solutions exists.

Here are a few examples of how Kriyananda explains prosperity.
Money represents a flow of energy.
Develop money magnetism so that money flows to you.
Learn how to use money wisely, in such a way as to acquire the greatest possible benefits for yourself and for others.

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