Enjoy this series with Nayaswami Jaya on The Spirit of Seva
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During this series every Wednesday for about a month, we will be going over some things like:

– 2 June: Seva at the workplace
– 9 June: Seva with relationships
– 16 June: Seva in spiritual practices
– 23 June: Guru Seva
– 30 June: Conclusion + Q&A Session

(Every session includes practical applications that we can do through the week)

Other things we will be discussing include: how to turn “work” into “service”, right attitudes, Nishkam Karma, seva as a spiritual tool and more! There will also be Q&A!


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“Service should not be given with the thought that one is serving people, merely. It should be given with an inward consciousness to the Lord Who resides in all creatures. When we serve others in this spirit, we find our own spirits becoming freed from egotism.
Swami Kriyananda