A proven approach to successful leadership

The true success of an undertaking depends more than anything else on the spirit of the people involved in it. And the spirit of those people is a reflection, always, of the spirit of its leader. So what is the Art of Leadership?

  • Leadership Is Not an Ego Game
  • Leadership Means Responsibility
  • Leadership Means Service
  • Leadership Means Loyalty
  • Leadership is Intuition Guided by Common Sense
  • Leadership is Giving Support
  • Leadership is Work With Peoples Strengths

Based on Swami Kriyandaji’s book – The Art of Supportive Leadership and as explained by Nayaswami Jaya – Co-Spiritual Director of Ananda India, this course offers simple but powerful principles of leadership. Nayaswami Jaya has been in leadership and management roles at Ananda almost since its inception. He continues to be an inspiring spiritual leader. Jayaji often shares and demonstrates Swami Kriyanandaji guidance to him – “True Leadership is about winning people’s heart and its not enough to be fair minded“.

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