A Guide to Freedom From Negative Habits

Habits have the power to either paralyze our will or to help us direct our energies positively toward our goal. Here is a journey to help you attain freedom from negative habits and establish fresh new habits to take your life in a new direction.

This is a journey of self-discovery and self-transcendence presented by Nayaswami Shivani who has a gift of presenting these teachings with great depth and wisdom.

The course begins by looking at where our past habits are hiding, in the recesses of our minds. We explore our conscious and subconscious minds, and find the bad habits that have been hiding there! And finally we will understand how to establish fresh new habits that will take our lives in a new direction.

Our bad habits are insidious. They are like tentacles that reach out and take hold of our mind and lives and we become subservient to them! Paramhansa Yogananda says that “True freedom consists in doing things, i.e., eating, reading, helping, etc., in accordance to right judgment and choice of will; not in being compelled by habits.”

We hope that through this course you will get to enjoy the freedom that comes from this inner work of removing bad habits and experience the joy of reclaiming a part of our free will.


Highlights of this course:

  • Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings on Habits
  • Creating good habits and eliminate the negative ones
  • Introspection tools to discover our past habits
  • In depth study of our habit patterns
  • Explore the conscious and subconscious habit patterns
  • Establishing fresh new habits
  • Handouts with Yogananda’s writings on Habits
  • Guided Meditation practice

“Human lives are governed not by weak resolutions, but by habits. When people are used to good health, prosperity, and a high standard of living, all these seem to come easily. Similarly, poverty and failure come to those who are used to them.”

Paramhansa Yogananda

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“I am very impressed with the quality of this course already. Very well organized. Well thought out. Well explained. Nice combination of audio, video, handouts. I appreciate the clarity of this approach and am looking forward to continuing!”

“I wanted you to know how much I am appreciating “Overcoming Habits” and thank everyone involved with the production of the course. As I watched last night, I realized how much will power it will take for me to change some of my habits to be more aligned with my spiritual aspirations. I asked myself do I really want to change? Then when I woke up this morning, I knew I am ready to make changes. I’ve been wanting to make changes, but could never think clearly enough to arrive at a plan.”

“Thank you for creating this course. I feel so hopeful. This course is describing so well kinds of habits that I am not feeling confused. I know I will be able to set priorities and make a plan of action. Just today I have been setting a timer so I don’t spend more than an hour on the computer with entertainment noise and news. In between I set the timer for 2 hours to do other activities so I am more in silence. I’m paying attention to the thoughts lingering in my head so my peaceful mind doesn’t become distracted.”


All participants get access to the course immediately and can easily view the course on the phone through an app. You are free to go through the course at your own pace and will receive assignments along the journey to help you introspect and go deeper in the subject.


PART 1: Introduction

How habits enslave our willpower and creativity.
Will is the greatest took we have for self-transformation. Learn how to apply your will so that it becomes free.
Tune into this poem by Rabindranath Tagore.

PART 2: Our Levels of Consciousness

Understanding the subconscious, superconscious and conscious mind and how they influence our habits.
We’ll dive deep into our own subconscious minds where past tendencies are rooted.
The role it plays in our lives and habit patterns.
We offer you a worksheet to introspect certain characteristics in yourself which will we work with in the upcoming classes.

PART 3: The Anatomy of a Habit

How habits are formed, what is the anatomy of a habit pattern – we will break it down for you.
We’ll go into specific habit patterns such as – work, relationships, health, emotional and mental, self-improvement and spiritual habits and you will be guided on specific introspection prompts for each of these.
We will choose the specific habits we want to transform or elimiate qhich we will continue to work with.

PART 4: Eliminating Bad Habits

Reviewing how these habits are formed and then a tool to work with this.
Guided practice of one of Yogananda’s Superconscious Healing Techniques for eliminating negative mental patterns.
Guided practice of one of Yogananda’s Healing Techniques.
Guided practice to purify ourselves and offer our habits up to the Divine.

PART 5: Creating a New Habit

Choose a new habit you would want to develop to prevent your energy to go into the bad habits.
Once you know what you want, learn how to strengthen and sustain it.
Lear how to use affirmations effectively so that they may bring our energies toward our goal.

PART 6: Conclusion

Creating a “habits journal” to help you assess your progress.
Now what? How are you to move forward in your journey?

Meet the Instructor:

Nayaswami Shivani

Nayaswami Shivani is both a Kriyacharya and Yogacharya with diksha from Swami Kriyananda. A founding member of Ananda World Brotherhood Village in California in 1969, she is celebrating, along with the Village, her 50th year with Ananda. Her Kriya initiations and workshops are widely acclaimed for their clarity and inspiration. Since 1985 she and her husband Arjuna have been helping to guide Ananda’s work in Europe, residing in the Ananda Assisi community, where she has co-founded the Yogananda Academy of Europe and coordinates the Schools of Ananda Raja Yoga meditation teacher training, and the Life Therapy Self-healing programs.

What is in this course?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How can working with our habits help us on the spiritual path?

Here is something Yogananda says that may help you – “The power of habit is specially important in the spiritual path. If one is accustomed to meditating and contacting God, one will like to meditate more and more in order to contact God more frequently. Those who meditate little, and vaguely contact God find that their desire to meditate and contact God vanishes when they are invaded by their powerful habits of restlessness. Likewise, those who are accustomed to being calm, attract more calmness and serenity, while those who are a little calm find their calmness easily disturbed when restlessness invades. Unspiritual habits entirely destroy the power of weak spiritual habits.”

2) How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

3) When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

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“Good and bad habits both take some time to acquire force. Powerful bad habits can be displaced by opposite good habits if the latter are patiently cultured.” Paramhansa Yogananda