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with Nayaswami Dhyana

The heart quality, or chitta, is crucial to the spiritual path.

The opening of the heart must be understood as an opening of our true nature. It is not something we acquire or impose, but something that we uncover through our spiritual growth. Sri Yukteswar said, “The first and most essential thing on the spiritual path is to uncover the natural love of the heart; without that one cannot take one step on the spiritual path.” When we learn to give love of our own free will, we feel joy because it makes us happier to depend more and more on the heart.

Join Nayaswami Dhyana as she takes us through a journey to Open our Hearts. To provide a complete journey, this course also includes classes on “How to draw Intuition” and also “The healing power of Sound and Music” both of which also need the heart qualities to be awakened.

Enjoy 18 videos with tips, techniques and instructions on how to open the heart including Q&A.

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Highlights and Outline:

This course offers:

Open your heart:
- Traditional ways to open your heart
- Meannesses of the heart
- How to remove blockages of the heart
- Techniques to open the heart

- Developing awareness of the levels of consciousness within us
- Methods to be intuitive
- A technique from the book “Intuition for Starters” some action items

Healing power of sound and music
- Awakening energy in the chakras
- Music and higher consciousness
- Music is Fun
- Experience different types of music and instruments

Swami Kriyananda presents a thought: "Developing the heart’s natural love is, first of all, to be understood in terms of your relation with God. See it in terms of first loving God. If you first love God unconditionally, you will then find that you love everybody, that they all become your own. If you take God out of the picture and just relate to people as people, inevitably you will like some people and not like others — there will be exclusiveness, disappointments, and disillusionment.

When your heart opens, you begin to feel that God is everywhere – that God is your beloved and that your beloved is in everybody. If you see somebody in the streets who is unhappy, your first thought is to pray for him or smile to give that person joy. The more you experience God’s presence inwardly, the more this inner awareness spills over effortlessly into your outward activities. Somebody said that impersonal love is cold but it’s not. It’s the warmest love possible. With that kind of love, you feel love for everybody."

"I cognized the center of the empyrean as a point of intuitive perception in my heart." Paramhansa Yogananda


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Meet the Presenter:

Nayaswami Dhyana is co-spiritual director of Ananda Sangha India. She started to study the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda in 1978 and met Swami Kriyananda in 1980. She has shared the teachings of Yogananda in the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and India and helped in the founding of several of Ananda communities and centers. She has been authorized by Swami Kriyananda to give initiation into the advanced meditation technique Kriya Yoga. She lives and shares the teachings with great energy and joy!

A Story of Yogananda on Developing Divine Love:

There was a man whom Paramhansa Yogananda accepted as one of his disciples. We might think that anybody with the good karma to meet a great master must be a very highly developed soul, but this particular disciple was not what might be called a saint. He had many faults, but he had great love for God and guru. Yogananda commented on this disciple saying, “That kind of love is what saves a person.” In other words, it is more important to have the right desires – even if we haven’t yet overcome our wrong desires.

He also told his disciples, “Don’t worry about your faults; just think about whether you love God enough.” It is far more important to develop the supreme virtue of loving God than to overcome all the faults in your nature. That one love, if it becomes strong enough, will absolutely transform all the vices, all the sins, and all the mistakes that you have made. And putting yourself in tune with God will give you that strength.

Remember that there can be darkness in a room for thousands of years but bringing a light into the room causes the darkness to vanish as though it had never been. No matter what we’ve done, the only thing that can finally save us is the light and love of God.

Unless we really love, and unless we give our heart’s love to God, we won’t be able to advance truly rapidly on the spiritual path. The heart chakra is where we must begin to unfold the heart’s natural love and offer it up to the Divine.

"When your heart opens, you begin to feel that God is everywhere – that God is your beloved and that your beloved is in everybody." Swami Kriyananda