The principles of magnetism give us a road map for success in every aspect of our lives and living by the highest within us. Learn to use the powerful laws of magnetism that determine success or failure in all areas of life. Presented by Nayaswami Jaya Helin, Spiritual Director of Ananda India and practicioner of these teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda for over 50 years.

Course includes 9 videos sharing concepts or instruction, guided exercises to practice and PDF hand-outs on the subject and an opportunity to connect with the instructor anytime.


Highlights of this course:

  • Understanding Magnetism: A Universal Principle
  • Developing the “Right” Kind of Magnetism
  • 5 tools to Generate and Strengthen our Magnetism
  • Protection from Negative Magnetism
  • Making a Lasting Change in our lives



– What is Magnetism? How Does it Work? How is it Generated?
– Introspection Exercise: looking at every aspect of our life
Information about the instructor


Understanding how to create the right kind of magnetism


Will power has the potential to supply us with unlimited energy. We can do much if we learn how to develop our will power and how to use it rightly. Learn how to use your will rightly and how to develop it so that nothing is out of reach!
Concentration is one of the mains keys to success. People seldom have the right kind of concentration which will allow them to calm their minds and focus on the task at hand. You will learn some techniques and tips on how to improve your concentration so that you can focus all your energies.
A big part of working with our magnetism and energy is to work with them in the right way. If our attitudes are negative or not in tune with our highest potential, we will not be able to develop the right kind of magnetism.
Environment is one of the strongest influences in us. Learning how to create the right outer as well as inner environment is essential for success.
It is very important that we learn to mix with people in life who are going to benefit our magnetism or who have developed something we want to also attain. Learn ways on how to be open to the beneficial magnetism of others so that we may strengthen our own.


Understand this very important aspect of magnetism with practical tips to protect yourself from negative influences


Overall suggestions to integrate into daily life and a call to action.


Enjoy 2 guided sessions to help you going forward with your practice of these teachings

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How has working with the principles of Magnetism changed your life?

One begins to realize that outside factors do not always decide the outcome of any undertaking. In fact, when we are able to generate enough magnetism within ourselves and we learn to apply it in our daily life, we find that we will always draw to us those things we need. Swami Kriyananda’s magnetism naturally drew people to him; they liked being in his company because he was positive and energetic. It was as if an inner light was burning within him. Many people’s instant reaction was “That’s how I want to be,” with little idea about how to proceed.

2) What is Magnetism?

Magnetism, the soul’s power of attraction, is a characteristic trait of all great souls and successful people. Like a strong flow of energy in the physical world generates a measurable magnetic field, so too saintly souls naturally manifest an attractive power through the creation of a strong upward flow of energy within. Indeed, magnetism in the highest sense is an expression of divine love, but on lower levels, it’s the power to attract what we need when we need it, a requisite for any spiritual seeker and, indeed, for anyone trying to find success in any undertaking.

3) How is it a Key to Success in life?

Our magnetism is what draws to us opportunities, inspiration, people and every kind of success in life. It is a key to success in every aspect of life and this is what we will try to share in this course. Paramhansa Yogananda said: “We must develop two kinds of magnetism one to attract God and another to attract our material necessities. If we use all our magnetism to gain material things, sooner or later we shall be disillusioned. It is true that God gave us bodies, and we must look after them; but if we first develop spiritual magnetism, it will guide us in the proper ways to supply all our material needs.”

“There is within us a magnetic force by which we attract those who have a living relationship to our magnetic power. We must develop two kinds of magnetism one to attract God and another to attract our material necessities.” Paramhansa Yogananda