True Intuition is soul guidance that is accessible to all of us, but we must learn to use and develop it. Intuition is not a vague feeling or an abstract guess, it is a human faculty essential for any spiritual seeker to cultivate and develop their inner understanding of life. Join Tyagis Narayani and Shurjo in this course which gives us a deeper understanding of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda on the subject and tools to develop and work with our Intuition.

Watch this video by Swami Kriyananda on the subject of intuition:

Course includes 4 videos by Narayani and Shurjo sharing concepts or instruction, guided exercises to practice and PDF hand-outs on the subject and an opportunity to connect with the instructors via email at anytime.


Highlights of this course:

  • Understanding What Intuition is and Where it Comes From
  • How to Trust Your Intuition
  • The Art of Following Your Intuition
  • How to Recognize False Guidance
  • Basic Principles for Drawing Inner Guidance

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“There is a way for us to feel a part of a greater reality, and therefore to know what is right for us as individuals. That way involves opening ourselves and becoming receptive to higher potentials of consciousness within ourselves, and thereby of living in harmony with the world around us. It involves developing our own inner sense of intuitive guidance” SWAMI KRIYANANDA