The planets are an actual influence on our lives, and each of them have certain characteristics, and even if you don’t know the name of the planet their archetypal energy exists and flows through your life. Astrology is a convenient way to learn about these energies.

The planets of astrology seem vast, undefinable, and distant realities, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The planets are reflections of energetic realities within us, the chakras, and as such can be discovered, and uplifted, through inner awareness.

Through lecture, and many experiential exercises including mantras, affirmations, prayer, music, pranayama, and meditation, this course will introduce you to each of the planets and teach you how to receive them at their highest potential.

No prior understanding of astrology is needed.

Who hasn’t heard of the depressing qualities of Saturn, or the destructive tendencies of Mars? But how many know that through right attitudes and spiritual practices, Saturn can become the very King of Peace in our lives, and Mars a dynamic hero? Just as a painter uses many hues when creating a work of art, so God uses the different planetary rays to create all the variety of life.

Each one of us contains within us all the planets. Through this course you will gain greater insight into yourself, your own energetic tendencies, and universal flows of consciousness as represented by the nine great planets of astrology.The purpose of this course is to impart a tangible experience of the planetary influences. Just as a painter uses different hues in his painting, so God uses the various rays of cosmic manifestation to create life. As Yogananda said, “Awareness precedes control.” Through conscious and aware cooperation with the planetary rays, we can learn to receive them in their highest manifestation; as vehicles for Divine Grace.

Enjoy 46 videos sharing concepts or instruction including guided techniques and tips to practice daily in addition to bonus content!


Highlights of this course:

  • Learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings on the art and science of astrology for Spiritual Awakening
  • Exploration of each planetary ray
  • Improving our relationships to the planets
  • Discovering the planets as a vehicle for self-understanding
  • Uplifting and purifying the influence of each of the planets, regardless of their placement in your natal horoscope
  • An emphasis on Spiritualizing Astrology
  • Deep and inspiring content with handouts and opportunities to ask questions

“While studying astrology in a reasonable way, you must always remember that God’s influence is the supreme influence. By communing with God in meditation, you will reinforce the power of the twelve centers in your spine, which will then act in cooperation with the twelve signs and planets.”

– Paramhansa Yogananda


PART 1: Introduction

What is Astrology? How does it work? Does astrology define our life’s outcome? Do I need to understand astrology to be a good yogi? What are you going to learn in this series?


The Sun, the center of our solar system, the source of all light. Revered throughout all cultures as a symbol of the Divine, the Sun is a potent figure, both outwardly and inwardly. In this section let’s invite the Sun into our lives. Feel his radiance, inspiration, indwelling confidence, and self-understanding.

The Sun represents a host of divine traits contained within each of us, but do we all manifest them to their highest potential all of the time? We’ll also explore ways to identify when your solar radiance has fallen into lower expressions and tools and techniques to uplift it once again.

The Moon is the symbol of the Divine Feminine in the universe. The complimentary other half of the Sun, She is the nurturer of all life. Representing the medulla oblongata and the negative pole of the 6th chakra, the Moon plays a very important role in the development of every individual for She represents our very ego itself.

In this section, let’s invite the Moon into our lives. Representing the all-important quality of receptivity, the Moon holds the secret to rising above self-preoccupation and realizing the pinnacle of all yearning; perfect bliss!

Mercury is the heir-apparent to the kingdom of the Sun and Moon. As such he represents each and every one of us in our state as children of the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother. Mercury receives the light of inspiration from the Sun, and through the mind and awareness, symbolized by the Moon, is able to channel that inspiration into meaningful channels in the world around him.
Mercury is far more than merely a “mercantile planet” as he is often relegated. He is a noble planet capable of absorbing and synthesizing the most refined wisdom. Within each of us, he is the light of the intellect, directed outwardly he becomes the capacity for the exchange of ideas, but directed inwardly he is the very power of deep inner communion with divine inspiration.
Venus, the oft-fabled planet of love and enjoyment, is a pivotal point within each of us, for every living creature is instinctively seeking happiness and hoping to avoid suffering. Venus holds the keys to our heart, and directs our energies either into desires and outer fulfilments, or inwardly towards devotional aspiration.

Of supreme importance, no matter your religion or goals in life, learning to attune yourself to the subtler rays of Venus and refining your heart can open the doorway to deeper inspiration, fulfillment, purpose, and divine love.

Mars, the notorious God of War in the west is far more than his reddish color may imply. Representing the devotee and one’s quest for enlightenment, Mars is the lord of transformative energy! Utilizing the gifts of fire in practical ways, he gives power of accomplishment, courage, vigor, and self-sacrifice. Approached sensitively and with awareness, Mars holds the keys to success in any venture. If his influence is absorbed blindly, the lower qualities of Mars may begin to express themselves; aggressiveness, hunger for power, violence in body and mind, blindness to the needs of others, prone to accidents, frustration, and anger. Let us learn to uplift the influence of Mars and thereby win the key to happiness and dynamic magnetism through channeling God’s infinite power.
Jupiter, the great benefic of our solar system, has been revered for all time as the bringer of gifts and joy. His influence protects and shelters us from harm, as well as encouraging the natural expansion of our consciousness. Revered as the guru among the planets, he holds the secrets of all higher knowledge. By receptivity to Jupiter we place ourselves in the position to receive the grace of God in all arenas of life, for his is the power to expand and inspire, to bless and give. Acting as an outward agent for the vibration of the guru in the universe, this all-important planet can be the doorway to finding and attuning to a Sat-Guru; one who knows god.
Saturn, the famous malefic planet of our solar-system. The king of death and time, he wields a power before which most tremble! Yet, does Saturn also possess a more compassionate side? Perhaps his gifts of old age, death, restriction, and dissolution have a purpose after all?

Saturn has been tasked with the unpopular job of teaching mankind that this material universe is essentially unsubstantial – that nothing built here will last the test of time. But through his blessings we begin to perceive the highest wisdom, that we are not this body, nor our personalities, not our accomplishments or even our failures! We are Spirit itself, bound not by flesh nor time.

A strict planet which has won a harsh reputation, Saturn also has a side of deep compassion. It is only out of his compassion for us that he is strict, for his ultimate goal is to free us from bondage and delusion.

Holding also the secrets to success such as concentration and patience, Saturn is a planet whom we all will benefit from understanding more deeply.

Who are Rahu and Ketu, the two shadowy planets of astrology? Though they are invisible in our solar system, and sometimes in ourselves, they represent powerful and profound psychic realities within each of us. Symbolic of the twin impulses of desire for new experience, and withdrawal from outer involvement, these two planets are the seeds for the seesaw experience of life’s ups and downs; ever promising new fulfilment, yet always meeting eventual disappointment.

When we learn to interiorize these forces, however, instead of the “anguishing monotony,” so called by Yogananda, we begin to discover the very opposite, ever-new joy. For in Rahu’s enthusiasm for life we discover the ever present awareness of God’s consciousness, and in Ketu’s interiorization we remember who and what we truly are; a soul, a spark of God Himself.

PART 3: Putting it All Together ~ A Mystic Experience

How to take this knowledge and use it to deepen our daily spiritual lives. Using constant references from what we’ve learned. Giving examples of when and how to use these techniques to work with energy in daily life.
Questions answered!

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“If you can retain your smile in spite of everything, that shows the awakening of the consciousness of divinity within you. Immediately the stars will smile with you. No longer can they shed their evil rays on you. This is spiritualizing astrology.”

– Paramhansa Yogananda

Meet the Instructor:

Keshava Betts

Hello, my name is Keshava! I grew up in a family of yogis in the spiritual community, Ananda Village, in Northern California. Immersed in the spiritual wisdom of Yogananda since birth, I became fascinated with astrology before I became a teenager. It was my great good fortune to find my mentor at a very young age, Drupada Macdonald, a long-time astrologer who encouraged me and pointed me towards valuable resources even then.

I began formal study with my mentor, Drupada, in my early twenties. Approaching astrology in the tradition of Swami Kriyananda, and Yogananda, my introduction was primarily an inner one: an exploration of the inner astrology, of which the planets are stars are a reflection. The ancient practice began to reveal itself to me, not as a study of countless esoteric texts, but as an inner experience of universal principles of energy which the planets represent and manifest.

I’ve been a musician all my life, and have studied the power of music to effect and transform consciousness. You’ll see this influence throughout this course, as we use music to help communicate the essence of each planet, as Yogananda called it, “The music of the spheres”!

“Astrology is a very deep subject, but most people consider it to be a kind of superstitious guide to material progress. If you use astrology only for guidance in material matters, you will be doing its teachings an injustice. Astrology is the mathematics of your life, the mathematics of your past actions.” Paramhansa Yogananda

How to Get the Most Out of this Course:

This course was designed to help every student discover an inner experience of each of the planets, not merely an intellectual understanding of their basic meanings. Here are some guidelines to help you benefit most deeply from this course:

Participate fully.

Every section has experiential elements, some of them of differing durations. Take your time with these, watch them several times, try to absorb each one in your inner self before moving on.

Practice consciously.

Try to apply what we learn in daily life. Try to digest this course slowly, applying each lesson to your daily routines and witnessing the rippling effects it has in your life.

Be open.

Try to participate in this course with an open mind, and more importantly, with an open heart. The planets are conscious rays of energy, and if we approach them sensitively, they can be doorways to deep inspiration.

Ask questions.

This course is meant to spark your own curiosity and awareness of the energies of life. If you have any questions, please ask them publicly or in a private message to the instructor. Group discussions help everyone take their understanding deeper.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) I’ve always thought astrology to be rather superstitious, how does this coincide with the practical approach of yoga?

Astrology shows a map of your past karma, and therefore the likely outcome of future events, if we remain passive participants in our life’s journey. The true use of astrology is to help deliver into your hands helpful tools to overcome your past karma and win ever greater freedom and happiness. If, however, astrology is practiced with a less evolved attitude, or by those who lack the interest to take an active role in their own lives, it can slip into simply trying to predict auspicious or inauspicious events, which can easily become superstitious. Yogananda encouraged us not to be a slave to the birth chart, but rather to try to overcome its limitations by intelligent self effort and the grace of God.

2) I’ve never studied astrology before. Is this a course for me?

Definitely. This course was designed to offer an introduction to those with no prior experience to astrology, as well as provide inspiration and practical yogic tools to those who may have some prior experience. Fundamentally this course is an inward journey, into deeper self awareness of the energies which already exist within you.

3) Will this course tell me what planets are auspicious for me and what gemstones I should wear?

No. This course will not explore your individual horoscope. But, every planet has a divine quality which we can tune into and draw blessings from. If you are interested in learning more about the planets in your individual life, or which planets to strengthen more than others, contact an astrologer for a private consultation.

4) I don’t know my horoscope, or my birth time, can I still benefit from this course?

Absolutely. This course covers the universal elements of every horoscope; the planets. Every one of us can benefit from learning more about the essential qualities of each of the nine planets. Where they fall in our horoscopes helps clarify where and how that ray is manifested in our lives, but the essential quality remains the same. This course will also help you to uplift and purify the influence of each of the planets, regardless of their placement in your natal horoscope.


For the first time in my entire life, I felt someone really, truly understood and saw who I am from this beautiful divine perspective. He seems to be able to peer into the deepest soul issues and struggles and present them in a way that is validating, honest, instructive, accepting and positive. This perspective allows you to understand why your life has unfolded the way it has, how to view your present situation and what strengths you can draw upon to surmount your difficulties. He draws upon a wealth of knowledge about astrology and a profound intuition to connect with you.” – Marie H. Sacramento, CA

“I had very little to no background in Astrology, and had a wonderful experience with Keshava. During my reading I found surprisingly accurate parallels to my past and present, which also left with a clear intuition about the future. I would recommend working with Keshava to anyone who is curious or interested, his readings are clear and insightful.” – Bruno P., Palo Alto

“Keshava is an adept astrologer. He has studied astrology for many years and has an instinctual understanding of the ways that the stars and planets communicate with us. His skill as a reader allows him to marry his ‘knowledge of the stars’ with his keen intuition and his deep passion for astrology, providing clients a unique, perceptive, and informative reading. I highly recommend a reading by Keshava; through his insights, I was given more than simply a review of my astrological chart–I was gifted with the opportunity to use my astrological chart as a tool for deeper self-exploration and growth.” – Katelyn L. , Mountain View

“Keshava’s depth of understanding in Vedic Astrology was impressive. He beautifully expressed through his words and presence that our horoscopes were not a bondage of our souls but a map to the potential that resides in each one of us. He connected me to the deeper meanings of my soul’s journey and unlocked gifts and talents that I had not been recognized before. His gentle approach to suggesting areas that may require further refinement and providing practical tools to help with this was extremely helpful. These tools have already made a profound difference in my life. Thank you Keshava for your beautiful energy, I am grateful for all that you have given me.” – Serena C., New Zealand

“I highly recommend Keshava for an astrology reading that will provide you with deep insight into not only your personality, but also the longer rhythm of your soul’s journey. A Vedic astrologer, Keshava draws from a vast body of knowledge. As an ardent and dedicated Yogi, he has trained his intuitive intelligence to draw forth a clear synthesis from this rich field. A gifted communicator, he is able to distill the key life lessons of your chart in a way imparts hope and encouragement.” – Dana A. CA

“Keshava Betts is an experienced and knowledgeable astrological reader. His reading accurately described who I am and gave me an understanding of future directions and suggestions for growth. He is an excellent listener who asks meaningful questions. I was particularly impressed with how practical and grounded his approach to astrology is. His “down-to earth,” reading has helped me in my everyday life. I highly recommend Keshava Betts.” Kristina S., Palo Alto

“My dearest friend gifted me an astrological reading by Keshava for my birthday this year and it has been such a priceless gift. It was my first ever Astrological reading so I didn’t know what to expect. The reading with Keshava was a balm for my soul. Keshava’s reading of my astrological chart was such an accurate reflection of the questions I have been grappling with in my life. It was overwhelmingly resonant. It explained many of my struggles and made me more aware and grateful for the many gifts I have. It also gave me valuable insight into the struggles I couldn’t make sense of and showed me ways I could live a more harmonious life. I have listened to the reading several times since our conversation together and it continues to make sense and give me further insights.” –  Prathama R., Kathmandu, Nepal