This art course offers you an opportunity to play and get into a flow of creativity at your own pace. Many people have been able to tune into their own inner joy and creativity through these principles and tools. These simple concepts allow you to dive in quickly to your own essence and bring out the joy that art has to offer!

Course includes 22 videos sharing concepts or instruction, 12 guided Art exercises to follow along, 3 Coloring-in pages, a “10 minutes a day challenge” for you to take up once you are done and an opportunity to connect with the instructor anytime.


Highlights of this course:

  • Simple art exercises to bring forth a love for painting and art
  • Tools for developing an inside-out approach to art
  • Guidelines for making a painting in your own authentic way
  • How to bring freshness and creativity into every aspect of our life
  • Thoughts and concepts on raising our consciousness through art


Course Introduction

Preparation For Your Course

Day 1: Art Exercises

Day 2: Go Within With Art

Day 3: Soul Expressions

Day 4: Make a Painting

Day 5: Creativity in Daily Life

Goals and Takeaways

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“I am committing to doing one painting every day before I leave the house, and I can definitely say that it is a real process and adventure of discovery! Doing this online course was so helpful in getting an idea of how painting ‘works’, and I can say that my recent experience is really tuning in to that which was shared in the course – it’s lovely! I found it really helpful!” – P. A.

“Right from the beginning, this course had me excited and inspired to start making art! It’s a great way to start integrating a more creative outlook into everything you do, as well as to just have fun and enjoy yourself artistically—even if you’ve never gotten to have that kind of fun before!” – T. F.

I’ve been doing your painting classes and I love it! The pace is easy to follow, your sweetness and kindness… Something really special is that I’m feeling how my heart is softening and opening both to paint and through painting… Before I tried to paint by “imitating” what I “saw” outside, but now I’m understanding to do it more from within, expressing and being myself. Really transforming! –A. G.

“I HIGHLY recommend you taking this online course, made by talented Shamini Naidu to bring more color and creativity into your life! After being in a Waldorf school for all my education, I dropped art in my last year of high school because I felt completely inadequate. Shamini really makes you feel picking up a brush and start playing with colors, without restrictions! She made me enthusiastic again!” – S. C.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do I need an art background to take this course?

Absolutely no art background is required! This course is for anyone who would like to try their hand at art, and if you already paint, it could add to your current skills and free up your style of expression. Enthusiasm to explore and experiment with art and its impact on our consciousness

2) I am not good at painting, is this for me?

If you are looking at this course you are likely interested in igniting and working with your creativity. And creativity isn’t for some select people who know how to use a paintbrush, dance or use a musical instrument. The moment we start thinking we can’t paint or we have never been “good at art” because someone told us we were bad at art in school, we block an opportunity that an art process has to offer to us. Art isn’t about making a beautiful masterpiece and it isn’t about the outcome but learning to put out creative energy into what we do in life. So essentially, this course will help you if you are interested in getting back to art, or that child-like spirit in you which always knew how to paint and work with color (with no self-judgement) and to bring that sprit into every aspect of life!

3) Can I do this with my kids?

No pre-requisites or previous art knowledge is needed, suitable for any age group and if you have children you can try this with them too!

4) What if I can’t do it in 5 days?

The course is just designed so that people can try each exercise over 5 days and get a feel for it. These exercises and ideas serve as doorways to your own inner exploration with paint, so you are not just copying something but allowing it to emerge from within you. However, there is no pressure and this course can also be done over a long period of time so you can process and experiment with each exercise and take your time. Even as we connect as group, we will not be talking about specifics in the course but general ideas to keep us going forward with developing and applying our own creativity.

5) I am a meditator, will this help me?

We’ve all heard that art is a meditation in itself. But what does this really mean? Well, meditation is working with uplifting the energy in us, and similarly with creative activities, we are withdrawing from what’s going on around us into a beautiful space we have created for ourselves and then working with uplifting our emotions, energy and thought processes. Just like a little practice of meditation helps us in deep ways (like Kriya Yoga helps us raise the energy in the spine which helps us connect to the divine within us), a little bit of creative expression everyday also helps to transform us over time. Especially if we try to express higher qualities, bright colors or focused thoughts through our art, they somehow become a deeper part of who we are. So as a meditator and artist myself, what I have noticed is that this inside-out approach to art (shared in this course) helps activate an inner energy in us which we can use in our meditation. And it also works vice-versa where our meditation practice begins to feed our creativity.

6) Is there also music in this course?

Each of these videos offer practical support with a guided exercise which you can play along as you try this exercise, and accompanying the exercise is music by Swami Kriyananda which helps set the consciousness and uplift the experience for us. There is however a small section which touches on the importance of uplifting music while painting, and in general in life – and a practical music exercise to accompany that.

“If you want to know joy, seek to express joy, if you want to know beauty, seek to express beauty. ” Swami Kriyananda