Purity of Heart – 11/1/04

Loving God is an example of purity of heart. Impurity is that which does not belong in the heart.

Kriyananda points out that it is more important to be careful about what’s in your heart than what’s in your diet. When we put too much attention on outward rules, dietary or otherwise, we lose sight of what is really important – learning to love God more purely and seeing Him in others.

Have the attitude that you are not separate from God and the He is doing everything through you. He is in every atom existence. Call on Him and you will find increasingly, that purity is growing in your heart.

This talk is one in a series of 365 programs recorded for Aasta TV in India – A Way of Awakening. The 20 minute talks are based on readings from Kriyananda’s book Conversations with Yogananda. This was based on reading #141.