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Healing & Healing Prayers

Paramhansa Yogananda’s Teachings on Healing

Paramhansa Yogananda taught specific techniques for awakening the divine healing energy that flows within each individual. These techniques have been found to help overcome physical, mental and spiritual diseases including serious illnesses. 

Ananda regularly offers Classes on Paramhansa Yogananda Teachings on Healing. You can attend the classes in person or join the live online broadcast. Or you can even watch the videos.

For Upcoming Healing Classes At Ananda Sangha Gurgaon contact us at 9899014209.


Healing Class Videos


For More Healing Class Videos CLICK HERE

Testimonials from Participants to the Healing Classes

  • “Oooo my goodness , dear Cecilia, I don’t have words to tell the impact and Force I felt going through your talk. I never felt so Blessed as today. Thanks”
    M.B. from Gurgaon
  • “Wonderful! Thanks to all. This class has been electrifying and so liberating.”
    S.W from UK (attended the webinar)
  • “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the most beautiful and inspirational healing class today. It was most beneficial and had a deeper impact on me.”
    G.K. from Gurgaon

Ananda Sangha Healing Prayers Circle

The Healing Prayer Circle is blessed to pray for you and your loved ones. If you, or someone you care for, is experiencing a health challenge or difficult life situation, we can pray for them at a distance. You may submit prayer requests for physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. Email your request to: healing@anandaindia.org. Your information will be kept confidential, except for the relevant parts shared with the Healing Prayer Council. We will keep your request for one month. Members of the Healing Council will pray for the person for that duration. If you perceive an improvement during this time, it may indicate receptivity to the healing energy. We recommend that you renew your request then to allow continued healing to take place.

Make a Healing Prayer Request