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Tools for Spiritual Living

In this section we we share the lessons learned over 40 years of integrating spiritual principles into our daily lives.

Ananda sponsors regular pilgrimages to sacred places in America, India, and Europe.

Successful Living and Prosperity
Money represents, quite simply, a flow of energy. As spiritual seekers, our task is to learn how to attract what we need when we need it, and to share our wealth with all. Swami Kriyananda wrote a course, Success and Happiness Through Yoga Principles: Little Known Secrets of Success (previously known as Material Success through Yoga Principles) which helps us practice spiritulity in all aspects of our lives.

Healing Prayer Ministry
Praying for others is an integral part of one’s own well-being. Ananda supports a thriving Healing Prayer Ministry, and trains its worldwide members in Yogananda’s methods of long-distance healing.