“If you want to know me, listen to my music. It is through this that people have come to understand what Ananda is truly all about. Without its influence, Ananda would not be what it is today. Books and lectures are only the outer form of the teachings. Music is its coursing blood.” Swami Kriyananda
Ananda India Choir in front of Temple

Students PaintingMusic and Art have a great potential to resonate with the higher realities of love and joy in our own selves. We offer workshops in our various Ananda centers around India in which we explore music composed by Swami Kriyananda. Singing his music which has a very high vibration helps us access high states of awareness in ourselves. By uplifting our consciousness with this music we can tap into the innate harmony that underlies everything. We also use art in these workshops to open our hearts and express the higher inspiration we feel. Various art mediums such as paints, crayons, pastels, collage and color pencils are used to bring forth our child-like creativity inside. You do not need to have any prior art skills or knowledge to attend these sessions.

Course Attendants Holding their PaintingsMany people have been able to benefit by going deep within themselves and learning how to express more creativity from there. They also help devotees on the spiritual search deepen their connection to these teaching through attunement to the music and the vibration created in the classes! Together, these two mediums combined can serve in uplifting our consciousness and creating inner and outer harmony in us. They help us go beyond the mind and intellect to open and touch the depths of our heart and more importantly allow us to relax deeply and have lots of fun in the process!

Painted Butterflies


Join us for a workshop near you to discover the use of music and art as doorways to tap into our inner world! For more information on events near you or to request a workshop write to

Students PaitingStudents Painting
“I have attended two of these workshops. Every time I’m able to go deep within myself and tap into my actual self – to what my inner feelings are. Despite being a “non-artist” – I could express my true self on the paper and that was an amazing experience. It made me feel connected to my higher self… thank you for putting your energy into this and helping people connect to themselves! Keep having such sessions!” M.A., New Delhi
Delhi Devotees Performing Kirtan

Kirtan in Ananda Delhi

The Secret of Creativity
by Swami Kriyananda

Choir Performance
By Ananda Pune Members