Weekly Inspirational Series with Spiritual Directors of Ananda India

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Have you ever felt bewildered when facing a difficult decision in your life? A good friend who’s at a personal crossroads recently said to me, “I wish God would just appear and tell me what to do!”

How often we’ve all had similar thoughts, only to flounder for lack of clear direction. But God does tell us what to do. He speaks to us more often than we realize, often in the form of wise, impartial friends. Swami Kriyananda, through the sayings in this book, is such a friend.

His profound, loving insights, gleaned from a lifetime of seeking truth, offer the guidance we need to be Living Wisely, Living Well with confidence and faith. – Nayaswami Devi

Living Wisely, Living Well offers daily inspirational quotes for right living. Live Simple, Think High!