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The Spiritual Eye: What Is It; What It Looks Like; and How to See It

From Awaken to Superconsciousness
by Swami Kriyananda

The Spiritual Eye, shown in a painting by Swami Kriyananda


The spiritual eye is not imaginary. It is something one actually sees in meditation, when the thoughts are stilled, and when the intellect functions on its own higher, intuitive level. Many that I’ve met have told me they’d seen the spiritual eye in meditation, some of them long before they had any idea what it was. Some saw it even before they knew about the spiritual path.

When the spiritual eye is beheld clearly, it is a golden circle of light surrounding a field of deep blue. In the center of this blue field is a white star with five points. When the spiritual eye is beheld imperfectly, it is seen as a dim violet light with a faint circle around it, and an even fainter dot in the center.

Whether or not you behold the spiritual eye, by meditating at that point your consciousness will gradually rise until at last it passes the portals of human awareness and enters the state of ecstasy, or superconsciousness.

One problem people face is not knowing from what position, mentally, to approach that spiritual center. Lahiri Mahasaya, my guru’s spiritual grandfather (his guru’s guru), said to concentrate the attention first in the region of the medulla oblongata, and from that point to gaze toward the spiritual eye. People’s awareness of their egos is often distributed vaguely throughout the body. By centering it consciously in its true seat, the medulla, it becomes possible to direct ego-consciousness toward its own higher octave.

Once ego-consciousness has been dissolved in superconsciousness, the center of consciousness shifts naturally from the ego to the heart. At this point, intuitive feeling takes one’s consciousness upward through the spiritual eye and out into Infinity.