Prepare for these techniques with prayer and meditation, calming the mind and asking God that Divine Will be done. Feel God’s presence as the source of all healing energy and visualize as clearly as possible the person receiving this blessing.

Yogananda often prayed to the Divine Mother aspect of God since She seems more accessible to us, Her Divine Children as She radiates mercy, compassion and unconditional Love.

Two Short Healing Prayer Techniques

1. Repeat the following: “Divine Mother, Thou art omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children Thou art in (name). Manifest Thy healing presence in his/her body, mind, and soul.”
Then rub the palms together briskly, hold up your hands and chant Aum three times sending healing energy to that person as long as you feel to do so.

2. After meditating, draw the energy into the arms and hands by rubbing the hands together briskly and then visualize the person before you. Chant Aum mentally or aloud three times while deeply concentrating on God’s blessings flowing out to them. Hold them in that light for as long as you wish.

Pray for Planetary Healing

Join us in sending healing to the world during these challenging times. Visualization for Planetary Healing.

“The instrument is blessed
by that which flows through it.”
— Paramhansa Yogananda