This is an excerpt from ‘The New Path’.

One day in Boston, Massachusetts, Paramhansa Yogananda received a letter criticizing him for ‘sponsoring’ Jesus Christ in the West. ‘Don’t you know that Jesus never lived?’ the writer demanded. ‘He was a myth invented to deceive people.’ The letter was left unsigned.

Yogananda prayed to be led to the writer. About a week later he was in the Boston Public Library. He saw a stranger there, seated on a bench by one of the windows, and went over, sitting next to him.

‘Why did you write me that letter?’ he inquired.

The man started in amazement. ‘Wh-what do you mean? What letter?’

‘The one in which you claimed that Jesus Christ is only a myth.’

‘But how on earth did you know I wrote that?’

‘I have my ways,’ the Master replied quietly. ‘And I wanted you to know that the power which led me to you enables me also to know for certain that Jesus Christ did live in Palestine, and that he was everything that the Bible claims for him. He was a true Christ, a Son of God.’