As aspiring Yogis, we need to enhance and synchronise the ‘frequency’ of our own  individual vibrational energy with that of Cosmic Consciousness.

Our Guru Paramhansa Yogananda taught us to use concentration and will power to consciously increase our body’s supply of cosmic energy , and thence to direct it to any body part; or to release it again into space through the sensitised antenna of our palms , flowing as a healing force to those in need. “The channel is blessed by what flows through it”, Master reminded us. Our greatest hidden resource is our capacity to channel grace, and when a blessing connects, it is almost always because the person giving the blessing is connected to his or her own emotional center.

But what about those people in our lives whom we subtly refuse to bless? People who have wounded us, or have done something which our discriminating mind assures us should not be condoned? We find ourselves blurring the boundary between what they have done and who they are.

Honest introspection frequently shows us that our refusal to bless comes simply from an inner contraction….. irritation, jealousy, disgust or some other form of withholding. The truth is that we have to find a way to bless them in order to truly resolve the conflict – the conflict within us, more than the conflict with them.

We can start with a partially self righteous: “May you see the truth about what really happened.” Or a prayer to Divine Mother to take over as we are not able to find any connect. This continued practice of sending healing  will slowly but surely break down our heart’s defences, and our blessings can then change to: “May we recognize the humanity in each other.”  This will slowly lead to a shift in our inner heart environment, and our thoughts will carry a natural energy of blessing, which will definitely reach that person.

Being willing to send healing to our own past, our lost friends, the people who hurt us, is, paradoxically, the only way to free ourselves from being haunted by them.  In the Old Testament, Jacob grabs hold of an angel saying, “I will not let thee go until thou bless me.” The patriarch Jacob here could well be a metaphor for our painful memories, our intense karmas, the people who’ve let us down ….they will not let us go until we can truly, truly bless them.

And that is when the channel itself will be truly blessed!

Jai Guru!


  1. “the conflict within us, more than the conflict with them”…
    A very good reminder,Priti!

  2. Dear Priti ji.
    Your write up on how to bless even those who have hurt us emotionally.Was an eye opener .Deep and honest self analysis and introspection
    is needed.Thank you so much .Will try to send healing light and blessings for the few whom we are not comfortable sharing blessings and grace received in meditation…Aum 🙏❤️🌹

  3. A beautifully written blog about the true nature of self realisation and rising within.
    Some trials and tribulations are very painful and this true divine perspective helps a lot

  4. Thank you Priti for the beautiful write up… a reminder that we should forgive all those who’ve hurt us by sending them healing prayers and blessings….

  5. Thanks Priti for the beautiful reminder that we can attain true happiness only when we’ve learned to forgive… and this can be done by sending healing prayers and blessings to the ones who’ve hurt us in any way.

  6. One question
    In the larger context

    There are many henious crimes we read about. Can the families of the victims ever find peace

    1. Over the past few years – at least once a year and sometimes more often – I regularly hear news reports of the relatives of someone who has been murdered saying that they forgive the perpetrator.

      It never fails to inspire and to fill me with admiration for them.

      To be clear, they don’t say that the perpetrator should not be punished for what they have done but, significantly, that they as human beings will not harbour a hatred towards them.

  7. Thank you Priti for the beautiful reminder…that we should send healing prayers and blessings to everyone even if they’ve hurt us and thereby attain peace of mind and calmness.

  8. Thank you Priti for this beautiful reminder…that we should send healing prayers and blessings to everyone even if they’ve hurt us and thereby attain peace of mind and calmness.

  9. Thank you Priti for the reminder ! How we forget to keep it in mind and do it !! Thanks !!

  10. Beautiful article addressing the most important part of inner self revolution.

  11. Yes a really good article and I needed it right now! I let my frustration take upper hand and with it shocked the person whom I couldn’t see as a “messenger”…. even I apologized immediately, I was deeply sad about my mistake ….. so that showed me, I have to practice compassion again and again towards people and towards myself. When will I see Thee? Reveal Thyself!
    Thank you

  12. A beautiful blog Priti reminding us that we need to bless even those who have hurt us deeply.
    This would in turn provide closure and heal us ..Thanks for the valuable reminder as we do read about it but don’t implement it .
    Thank you

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