Spiritual marriage means union with God, Soul, and Spirit. Marriage is not a man-made law. It is God-made. Man has abused the high purpose of marriage. Marriage means unity on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. If you attract a person by spiritual magnetism, then you will meet your soul companion. Marriage is the communion of half-souls. In God we find highest communion. Unless human love is spiritualized, it will be a canker in your soul. Unless you are spiritually-minded and your mate is the same, you can never be happy.

Spiritual marriage means to marry your soul to the eternal love of God. Without God no marriage can be successful. The purpose of marriage is to know God, to be with God together, but this has been forgotten.

Do not try to attract the opposite sex through physical desires but through soul qualities. You cannot attract a spiritual soul through animal magnetism. Too much living on the sex plane causes health and happiness to fly away. When you have formed a tremendous friendship with a person that nothing can destroy, a friendship that has no compulsion in it and that increases constantly, you have found a true mate.

Balancing Reason and Feeling

In woman, feeling is expressed uppermost and in man, reason is expressed uppermost. In the married life, they bring out the hidden feeling and reason in each other, thus becoming more perfect. Every man and woman who have tried to seek a substitute for that spiritual quality through the sex instinct, have been disappointed. Reason and feeling in man and woman should be balanced. Like the softness of flowers, and the strength of steel, they are divine qualities.

God is all the love of all the lovers who ever loved. If you learn the higher forms of meditation, you can have spiritual marriage, or that communion with God which is the most beautiful of all love. Remember, no marriage can find its true purpose without man and wife first seeking God together. In marriage, love also grows through service to each other. When a husband and wife serve each other with the eternal inspiration of God, that is spiritual marriage.

People who rise above the physical plane and continuously strengthen the love of their souls find their oneness in God. When the love of two persons burns as one flame, above the physical plane, then it has intoxicating eternal qualities. The marriage that is lived in self-control and intense spiritual preparation becomes emancipated.

Man and woman should know that within themselves is the germ of the Infinite. If you cannot find your soul companion, do not marry. If you have found God, you do not need your soul companion. It is better to remain single than to enter into a wrong marriage. Transmute matrimonial love into love divine, and bring back your consciousness from the sex plane to the plane of paradise.

You may unite your feeling and reason by giving yourself to humanity. By having a bigger family, you have the right not to have a smaller, more limited one. For all those who are unmarried and wish to remain so, their greatest duty in life is service to humanity. If you do not marry physically, you must marry spiritually; otherwise you cannot be liberated. If you have no children of your own, adopt or teach the children of some one else, live an ideal life, and instill your soul qualities in them. What you instill in the souls of children is imperishable. Anything you do that perpetuates your life is, in a sense, your child. Thus fulfill your true purpose in life.

– May 1940


Marriage as a Path to God

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  1. Am in a spiritual marriage please help me out of this situation am not happy in my life am crying for help

    1. If you are unhappy in a spiritual marriage, you may or maybe not be happy all the time. It doesn’t matter what relationship you are in, we can be unhappy sometimes. However, if you are in a spiritual marriage, and you are unhappy all the time; then you are not in a spiritual marriage.
      Attending a spiritual Church or just a member of a Church, this doesn’t mean that you or your husband are spiritual and your marriage is spiritual.
      Marriage is a spiritual seed planted within the heart of the two individuals involved first. If you two are connected to God’s life line system, then there should bot be any problems.

    2. WhatsApp +2347085958531 and I will walk you through what you can do about it.

    3. Please tell me I am in spiritual marriage how can I make it physical also with her

  2. Hello Francis,

    From your message, it appears as though you may have misread the message. Go back and read slowly and carefully. If you are searching for help to make the marriage better, then it all starts with you; may I suggest you seek out a life coach or mentor or counselor who will assist you in discovering yourself. Once you have self discovery, then you will know how to posses the powers within you to navigate the “situation” you want to get out of………as it did not seem to be the marriage you wish to end. I wish you all the best.

  3. Hello friends..
    I am 43 old living in Jeddah saudia can u guide me how I find my soulmate patner ..
    for marriage..
    waiting for reply

    1. Keep praying to god and you will find your soul mate very soon.

    2. Assalamualaikum brother in islam, have faith in the almighty he will unite you with your partner at the right time .. if you send in your details to my if i can forward it to the people i know and help you find a match… jazakallhu .. whats app mw on +919071069659

  4. My soulmate and I are planning a spiritual marriage next year. At this time, This will not be a civil ceremony nor A document filed at the court office.

    Where can I find an officiant To guide us through our ceremony?

    1. Keep praying to god , you will get the guidance you need.

  5. What helped me find my Soul mate was to ask God and the Arch angels for signs I can visibly see.
    I asked God and the Arch angels to guide me with a Blue Jay bird to point to where I would find him. Months later, on a game app I play alot with, an icon of the Blue Jay was placed on its logo app. It was incredible because of all symbols that could have been used: it was the Blue Jay bird!
    Two years later, I met my Soul mate from that exact game app❤!! Miracles happen in simple ways. We just gave to open our eyes.

    1. seek the truth in all things especially about your self

  6. That was beautifully written. I truly believe marriage is a deep spiritual connection. If we calm the mind, the universe will show us our soulmate. I found mine.

    1. You can WhatsApp +2347085958531 and place your problem here. There’s a God who hears and there’s always a listening here to guide you and counsel you.

  7. Greetings and God bless you!
    1.What is spiritual marriage?

    2.Can there be a situation where one gets married to a spirit that he or she did not know?

    3. What does the Bible say about spiritual marriage and its implications?

    4. How does one get married in spiritual way?

    4. If there is spiritual marriage that I don’t know the person or spirit that I got married, how then could I immune my self against something I don’t know?

    Thank you and God bless you.

    1. Greetings and God bless you!
      1.What is spiritual marriage?
      It’s a marriage between a human being and a spirit being, either a god or idols or a spirit being.

      2.Can there be a situation where one gets married to a spirit that he or she did not know?
      Yes, in many instances one can be married to a spirit and not know it. But in other cases one will know over time.

      3. What does the Bible say about spiritual marriage and its implications?
      The Bible says that we are married to Christ Jesus, though fallen angels have been having sex with the daughters of men since the days of Noah.

      4. How does one get married in spiritual way?
      It’s through demonic initiation, knowingly or unknowingly. It depends on your association.

      4. If there is spiritual marriage that I don’t know the person or spirit that I got married, how then could I immune my self against something I don’t know?
      Prayers 🙏 and revelational knowledge, praying in the tongues.
      Thank you and God bless you.

    2. WhatsApp +2347085958531 I will counsel you on spirit husband and wife.

    3. Good Day Gentle People:

      Having just come across you information since your posting more than a year ago; I am herewith inquiring into your accessibility. Are you still engaged?

      Sincerely desiring to know; I AM,

      Yours truly,
      Alexander Ravenel II


  8. I’m 37 years old I have a boyfriend for 8 years and no kids and no mariage but I gave my life to Jesus but my boyfriend doesn’t yet and now I wanna married to him but it’s impossible because so many demons against me he never talk about mariage with me but I need that cause I need to baptism in my church in Jesus name. Can someone help me, im sorry my English is not to good

    1. It could be both. We are married to Christ Jesus. One could be married to a demon as well. It depends on one’s experience. What are you currently experiencing?? Are you having sexual relationship in your dreams??

  9. Greetings of the day!
    I am someone who started a connection/bond with a man, who is spiritual. Both of us wanted to progress together in this spiritual journey. Spirituality connects us to a deeper level of feelings, which are hard to put into words. When both of us are at the best of our efforts, we feel this. But there are ups and downs, because we as humans living in this physical world, get carried away and suffer.
    I want to read more about marriage and love at a spiritual level and also experience that. I want to enhance the experience of love I have for him and be able to be in a state of selfless love all the time. I feel that love is divine.. reading and experientially feeling about it, may give me more insight into it.
    I would love to hear your recommendations, suggestions, and help in this area

    Warmest regards with folded hands

  10. Hi. Someone. A homosexual has spiritually married me against my will. I know experience a lot of spirit rape. It feels like mini rats are crawling around inside my vagina and clawing at the walls. It’s unholy and has made me very suicidal. I need help.

    1. You need deliverance from it ASAP. WhatsApp +2347085958531. I will guide you around how you can be rid of it. It’s a demonic possession and manipulation.

  11. I’m Christian church . Spiritual growth in Christ ✝️ . I’m zarish . I’m single .

  12. I’m Christian church Jesus the holy Lomb . Spiritual growth in Christ ✝️ . I’m zarish . I’m single .

    1. I keep getting signs that im being prepared for a spiritual marriage. What does this mean for me? How can I stop it? How do I know its from God?

  13. Thank you very much for your sound Teachings about spiritual marriage.Woow God richly bless you.I am a current Theology student at Pentecost university (PU).I am called with Apostolic calling operating with power gift,prophetic,Healing, Deliverance and teachings.Please I need more information or Teaching materials for further studies.Thanks.±233548290300/whasp:0547721402

  14. I am in a spiritual marriage with God and Christ. I committed myself on October 16, 2023. I only desire them. Every time I read about God or Jesus Christ; I get aroused. I love them with all my heart, body and soul. Is this normal?

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