Recently, I watched a video of a condor that was rescued and cured by biologists. In the video, they captured the moment when it is returned to freedom. You will notice how he looks at the immensity that awaits him and everyone before flying! Very beautiful!

This is exactly where all of us devotees are standing, on the edge! We have been rescued by Paramhansa Yogananda. He showed us this path and made us His disciples. He has cured our spiritual infliction by initiating us as Kriyabans. We too are standing on the edge, looking at the immensity of the flight to the known and unknown.

Flutter, we may! Step back, if we want. But we must summon courage to jump off the edge of doubt and we will fly, supported by the wings of our faith, to Cosmic Consciousness, where He is waiting for us!

This is a flight we all should take in every situation in which we doubt. A Flight of faith in Him, is the only way to face all the challenges in life. May your faith bring sunshine and rainbows to your life!


  1. May we all find the courage to go beyond our self made limitations by taking a flight of faith in him . Omguru

  2. Very well said, all the flights of self enlightenment starts with first leap of faith. Keep moving Guru and Devine will always guide you. That is the magic of self belief and faith. AUM

  3. Instills confidence and motivates us to come out of our comfort zone!

  4. Beautifully said…God is always there to hold your hand whenever you falter. His grace will protect you from all harms. This faith keeps you going in life, no matter what situation one is going through.

  5. Faith of guru in us helps us to take leap …… indeed it’s the blessing of the guru

  6. its really a motivational thought … the leap of faith by the blessing of guru yogananda

  7. Aum! Superb thoughts and amazing to the grace every being receives thru the Guru and Almighty.

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