Paramhansa Yogananda Gazing to the Side
Letters by Yogananda

A Christmas Letter to Students, All Individuals, and All Nations

Dear Friends:

Let us decorate the growing Christmas Tree of Civilization with the flaming flags of all brother nations. Let us drown our differences and behold the branches of our National Life spreading out from the tree of one International Life. Let us demand that America, India, Germany, Russia, France, China, Japan, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Egypt, and all nations, learn to decorate their flags on the Christmas Tree of Brotherhood and celebrate the coming of the United Nations of the World through their awakening in Christ.

Let all brother nations contribute their best to make a League of Hearts and a League of Wisdom in preparation for their coming Union. Let all nations consider themselves as Children of God, with different names only. May the love of nations be the twinkling lights with which to decorate the Christmas Tree of World Union.

Let us obliterate the oddities of dogmatism and behold all religions as the branches of the One Tree of Truth. Let all sects celebrate around this One Christmas Tree of Universal Religion in the coming United States of the World.

Let us behold the soft twigs of our temporary joy-loving senses, not projected away from, but joined together to the everlasting Christmas Tree of Divine Joy.

May we all learn to climb up the Spinal Tree of Life and pass by the starry knots into the Infinite Kingdom of Christ.

In this coming Christmas, we shall celebrate the coming of One Kingdom, One Religion, One Brotherhood, One Human Nationality, One Wisdom, One Ever-New Happiness, One Language, One Race, One Universal Law, One Freedom, contact of One God, and One Understanding for all human brothers.

May this Christmas and New Year time fill you with the adamantine determination to improve yourself and others, as Christ would wish you to do, to usher in Paradise on Earth.

Very sincerely yours,

Swami Yogananda

— December 1933